Xallent announced today the sale of the DARIUS and SAKYIWA Nanoprobers

(Ithaca, May 3, 2019)—Xallent LLC, manufacturer of solutions and equipment for testing semiconductors and thin film materials at the nanoscale, announced today the sale of the DARIUS and SAKYIWA Nanoprobers to the Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF).

“This is great landmark for our company! After several months of validation and functional demonstrations, the Cornell NanoScale Facility has teamed with the Kavli Institute at Cornell (KIC) to purchase our nanoprobers to allow its user base to more rapidly and economically test semiconductors and thin-film materials in ambient air and vacuum. “We believe our products will advance the research and development of knowledge driven devices and materials with significant impact in health care, defense, and energy,” said Dr. Kwame Amponsah, CEO & Founder, Xallent LLC.
       “The ability to electrically characterize materials and devices within very confined areas on a routine basis will open up new possibilities for exploration for our user community. It has been great to see this startup company innovate and build their business within CNF and now we have the advantage of being the first to be able to make this capability available to the R&D community” said Dr. Donald Tennant, CNF Director of Operations.
      The DARIUS (SEM and Ambient Air based) and SAKYIWA (Ambient Air based) Nanoprobers enable among other things sheet resistance measurements in thin films and semiconductor production applications in ambient or vacuum, for samples with minimum sizes of 200 nanometers by 4 microns.  With its low profile, fast setup and minimized sample preparation requirement, the nanoprobers offer simple, fast and reliable characterization in many thin film and semiconductor test applications. The nanoprobers are programmable and semi-automatic, providing unprecedented high-speed testing with reliable and repeatable measurement results.
      The nanoprobers leverage Xallent’s proprietary nanomachine probes that are designed and fabricated using advanced nano-electro-mechanical-systems (NEMS) technologies, enabling continuously improved scaling to meet future needs of nanoscale technology nodes. Oxidation resistant metals used for the probe tips eliminate the need for in-situ tip cleaning and spring-loaded probe tips support probing of 3D structures.

About Xallent LLC
Xallent LLC designs, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced nanoprobing solutions for imaging, electrical measurement, and testing of thin film materials and semiconductor devices. Our unique nanoprobers and nanomachine probes are used in scanning electron and optical microscopes to more rapidly and economically test semiconductor devices and thin film materials during manufacturing. We understand our customer’s needs, offering fast, simple and affordable solutions to meet specific applications. Our research was funded by NSF, DARPA, NYSERDA, Empire State Development, and FuzeHub.